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Sandpoint Idaho Waterfront


Our Mission


OUR MISSION is to provide service, solutions, and security to Farm Bureau
members and clients.

WE VALUE integrity and understand the virtue of hard work. We are rooted in the
farms, ranches, cities, and communities we serve.

OUR VISION for the future is that of a financially strong company actively serving
the needs of our customers by offering innovative insurance and financial
solutions for their ever changing needs.

OUR GOAL is to be the leader in the markets we serve by delivering highly
personal service that meets the needs and lifestyles of our customers with an
unmatched experience and to serve as a trusted partner on their life’s journey.

OUR STRATEGIC INTENT is to be a first-class, high-performing enterprise with
profitable growth.

Our Values


ETHICS: We believe our conduct must be ethical. This includes:
• Honesty always; and
• Actions and decisions that are legally and morally correct.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: We believe in an enjoyable work environment that includes:
• Appreciation and respect for each other;
• Meaningful work and fair compensation;
• Loyalty, self-improvement, and excellence; and
• Opportunity for growth and advancement.

COMMUNITY: We believe in being good citizens in our communities and in
contributing a portion of our time, talents, and resources to them.

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